Videos and Images from the River Severn Estuary

News from the Estuary

The River Severn is Britain’s longest river but the mouth of the estuary is its busiest point and has a shipping lane that’s the second deepest in the world. International cargo ships trade from its ports and many sail boats and cruisers depart from its Marina.

Riverheron Video has the perfect location and equipment to shoot shipping videos & sailing videos and stills, with a constant daily flow of subjects. I record the comings and goings, virtually hourly.


Asta demonstrating her sleek lines

17 Sept 2020

Asta, a Princess 480 motor cruiser, shows off her lines on the estuary before entering Portishead marina

Car carrier Grande Spagna stacking overflow cars top deck

14 Sept 2020

Car carrier Grande Spagna so full of new cars she stacks the overflow on the top deck in the salt air. These carriers can hold up to 8,000 new cars. She's outbound Portbury docks passed Portishead to Antwerp. Recession? What recession..

OBi sailing on the wind off Portishead pier

Sept 2020

Marina favourite yacht OBi taking advantage of favourable winds off the pier sailing down river

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